• Letters or Audits
    from the IRS

When you receive a letter from the IRS, it is generally for a specific reason related to your tax declaration or tax account. In most cases, the IRS will send a notice if they believe:

  • You owe additional taxes
  • You are owed a larger refund
  • They have any question related to your tax declaration
  • They need any additional information from you

If the IRS believes there is anything wrong with your tax declaration they may ask for additional documents and/or information. When the IRS decides to audit they send a written notice giving you 30 days to respond to this notification, along with a list of required documents, and the official assigned to your case. The majority of audits are won by the IRS simply because the correspondent fails to respond, or they do not forward the required documents.

If you are in this situation, come to our office and we will help. We have the trained personnel to give a satisfactory solution to your case.

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